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There’s a Leak!

March 15, 2012

After 10,000 inspections I generally do not see things I haven’t seen 100’s of time before however in this market of short sales and foreclosures where house repair and maintenance money has been unavailable for an extended period, new things have been showing up. I thought you might enjoy seeing pictures of some of my more recent inspections showing a bit of the unusual and macabre.

It may be hard to see but yes, that is a stream of water coming out from the middle of the light fixture. I was on the 3rd floor running a tub when I hear the small voice of my buyer saying “there’s a leak”. The voice called a second time after I shut the water off saying a little bit louder “there’s a leak”. When she called the third time screaming “THERES A LEAK”, I came running down the steps to find the water running out of the bathroom into the hall. The towel I keep in my car for emergencies’ did not come close to absorbing the water.



I inspected a 1894 school house converted to apartments. There were 2 attic spaces above the 2nd floor. Apparently the gable end vents had been open for many years. What you are looking at is 6-10 inches of pigeon and bat feces. Nice huh. What you can see are the hundred or so bird skeleton’s arrayed throughout the attic. Note that the acidity of the guano has rotted the wiring as it crossed the joists. No problem here, lets move along. Price for clean up $20,000.

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